Zoella Beauty: My Thoughts

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years I'm almost certain you'll know who Zoella is. She's appearing all over the place at the moment, has created a beauty line and is releasing a book, so it'd be pretty impossible to escape her.

Like I said, she's recently created her own line of bath and body products exclusive to Superdrug, so out of curiosity and being a massive lover of bath products I decided to go try some out. All of the products are priced between £5 - £8 so they're not going to hurt your bank balance. When I went to look at the products I had the intention of getting the candle, the fizz bar and the bubble bath, however the candle had no scent to it at all, I really wanted it to but I just couldn't smell anything. They didn't have any of the bubble bath in, I knew I didn't need anymore body lotions and I don't really think I'm the target age of the makeup bags, so I decided to try the Fizz Bar and the Blissful Mistful body mist.

To start, both the body mist and the fizz bar have the same light, fresh and slightly floral scent, which honestly smells amazing. I didn't expect it to smell as good as it does and I've become addicted to spraying the body mist all over myself. The fizz bar is priced at £5 for 8 squares, which from using it would get you two baths, and the body mist is £8 for 45ml. So they're both average retail prices in comparison to Lush products or other basic body sprays.

However, whilst the products are inexpensive and probably weren't made with a target audience of 19 year olds in mind, they're not the best products on the market. The fizz bar was okay, I used three squares of it in one bath which left a faint smell in the bath and did make the water feel a bit softer on the skin, but I still had to use bubble bath to get a decent bath. The squares sunk to the bottom of the bath and just didn't do much, for the same price I'd just recommend getting a Lush bath bomb which will do a lot more to the water and to your skin.

The body mist also isn't that great, it really does smell amazing when you first spritz it on but after an hour the smell is completely gone from your body. This means you're going to need to carry the bottle around with you for constant top ups, which really isn't ideal because of how chunky the bottle is. So although the product is fairly inexpensive, for the amount of times you're going to need to top you'd be better of buying a more expensive perfume that will last the day.

I'm still intrigued to try out the body wash because I'm not particularly fussy with body washes, but in short, would I recommend them to somebody my age? No, no matter how good that mist smells, there are much better products out there for the same or a cheaper price. However, like I've said I'm not really the target audience, I can imagine a 10 year old girl would be more excited to get the Zoella Fizz Bar for Christmas as opposed to a Lush bath bomb. That being said, they'll only make a good gift if the person knows of Zoella. The products as a whole aren't exciting, but for her fans I imagine they're at the top of the Christmas list.

Have you tried any Zoella products, or any products from other YouTubers?


  1. I had contemplated trying Zoellas range, as I purchased one of her makeup bags just for the sizing haha but it's great to see a proper insight ! x


  2. Really a good read. I have brought the bag, Fizzbar, Lotion and Bubble bath I was also disappointed with the scent of the products etc. Not what I was expecting xx

    1. Ooh I love the scent, I just find the product is really cheaply made with poor ingredients x