Recipe: How to make your own granola

Recipe: How to make your own granola
Granola is something I have started to love eating over the past year, I love the crunchy taste of the oats, honey and nuts mixed together in clusters and it makes me feel a lot healthier eating nuts and oats in the morning rather than sugar coated flakes, but compared to other cereals it can get expensive. I was also noticing that towards the end of the box the taste disappears and I'm left with what might as well be cardboard for breakfast - not very appetising. So I decided to try and make my own, turns out it's a lot tastier and cheaper than boxed granola, but is super easy to make.

Double Your Lips In Seconds | Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk With Swatches

You know those products that on first use just make you think "YES, YES, YES!"? This was one of those products. After seeing Amelia Liana talk about it so much I felt like I needed to try it, especially when she said Rimmel's Eastend Snob is a dupe for it because I love that lipliner, knowing I would never pay £16 myself for a lipliner I knew this had to be on my Christmas list.

One of the first things I noticed was that the formulation is slightly drying and the pencil does have a tendency to drag along the lips, the liner basically feels like it's stuck to the lips which does seem to help give it some longevity. I find putting a lip balm on when I first start applying my makeup helps it out and does make it apply and feel more comfortable. Using the lip balm also means the liner doesn't highlight any lines, creases or dryness on the lips, because the formulation is quite drying it can have a tendency to do this.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk With Swatches

The colour is a slightly brown, nude with a pinkish undertone to it. It's a typical "my lips but better" shade which means it blends seamlessly in to the lips and helps to enhance and double the size of the lips but still look natural - I apply it all over the lips and ever so slightly overdraw them helping the lips to look really plump and juicy. Full and plump lips are the biggest trend at the moment, but a lot of them I find can be too brown or too mauvey, I still love those shades, but if you're after something to look natural and still enhance, this is your best bet. It has become my go-to lip colour for when I'm in a rush because I know it will look great with any look or outfit, but will also last me the whole day. I find it lasts around 7 hours on the lips even after eating, I do like to top up the lip balm because the dry formula starts to become more obvious and uncomfortable as the day goes on.

I feel like this has caused me to get a bit of a Charlotte Tilbury/high end makeup bug. I barely buy high end makeup for two reasons: I find the stands a little too intimidating or busy and the price just puts me off, I always think for £15 I could get three lipsticks in Boots instead of one from MAC. But every time I try something high end I'm always impressed by it a lot more than I am with budget brands, whether I will ever have the courage to spend £40 on a palette from Charlotte Tilbury is another question. But if you're not as shy with your money as I am I really recommend this lipliner, it's a product I think will suit every skin tone and every look and I'm sure will impress everyone who uses it just as much as it did me.

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?

Review | L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Review | L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Funnily enough, this was actually the first foundation I ever bought. I only started wearing makeup in 2012 after discovering Pixiwoo and saw an advert for this in a magazine, Cheryl Cole was the model and for some reason that convinced me it would work wonders for me. It made my skin appear dry, but at the time I had no skincare routine so that could have been the problem. I decided to pick it up again recently after so many raving reviews.

Silky Skin With No Fuss | The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Despite being a massive find of taking baths and loving a bath bomb I'm the worst for nourishing my skin once I get out of the bath. I have a ridiculous amount of body butters and lotions from 3 for 2 offers or gift sets from Christmas, but I can never be bothered to actually use any. I get out of the bath and just want to get in to my pyjamas instead of standing about in the cold. I received this in the BBB Latest in Beauty Box, and honestly it was sat in my bathroom for a while, I wasn't really that interested. If you got this in the box and we're like me, you NEED to try it because this product is a revelation for anyone like me, it nourishes you but can be applied whilst still relaxing in the warm bath, it's the best of both worlds!

Review | Colab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo

Review of Ruth Crilly's Colab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo
Colab Sheer Invisible Paris Floral Fragrance Dry Shampoo - £3.49

After my last experience with YouTuber products you would think that I had low expectations for this. But Ruth doesn't have THAT many subscribers compared to a lot of YouTubers, so I went with the assumption that a company doesn't have as much money to invest in Ruth, so they had to make a good product. Unlike other YouTubers she doesn't have legions of fangirls that will buy her products even if it's rubbish, so I thought a lot of effort will have gone in to making a product that Ruth is proud of and isn't just interested in a quick buck.

High End Beauty Wish List

My current high end beauty wish list
I don't know about you, but I find after Christmas I seem to be wanting more than I did beforehand. I have a wish list of stuff I want before Christmas but when people start asking what I want it's always "I don't really know", then as soon as Christmas is over you're reminded of everything you've ever wanted and more.

Does Wearing Makeup Make You A Liar?

Does wearing makeup make you a liar?

Boxing Day Sale Haul

I feel like I'm slightly late with this one, but I know that a some of these products will still be available in Boots, especially bigger Boots stores. The Manchester one still had loads of stock, including the big Soap and Glory gift, they had hundreds of them last time I was in. I also placed a massive Lush order, but you defiantly won't be able to get the stuff now, so I don't know if there would be much point?

Top 15 Discoveries of 2014

My top 15 beauty discoveries of 2014
My initial intention for this was to do my top 14 of 2014, but when I was taking the pictures and writing down my choices I couldn't kick one out, because they're all amazing products, and whilst I feel I'm a bit late to the 2014 favourites I still want to do one. Exam revision is slightly taking over my life but I've been thinking and planning this post for a few weeks now. Instead of doing top products I've decided to do my top discoveries, because I don't think I could whittle down my top products in to a select number and I wouldn't have a favourite for every category. Some of these products are new to the market this year and some are just new to me, but hopefully you'll find something you'll want to try this year!

Review | Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Afternoon Tea

To start, lip gloss is defiantly not my thing, I love a good bold matte lip all year round. I don't mind a satin finish and at most I can handle a coloured balm, but lip glosses are something I've never really got on with. I tried some from Maybelline in the summer that I quite liked, but wouldn't really say they changed my opinion of glosses in general.  I'm not trying not to like them, I almost want to, I imagine they would easier to handle when on the move, so when Tanya Burr released her lip gloss range months ago I was intrigued to see what they were like. They received rave reviews from everyone, people claiming they're comparable to Chanel lip glosses and other people saying they converted them to lip glosses.