Review | YSL Rogue Volupte in #13 Peach Passion

A YSL lipstick is something I have always lusted after, the colours are gorgeous, the packaging is stunning and they have such a luxurious look about them that would look amazing amongst any makeup collection, but at £25.00 each I've always been put off by them. However it was recently my birthday so decided to finally get one of the Rogue Volupte's, because I knew it was something I would never justify buying with my own money even if I always want it. This is a shade I've wanted ever since seeing Zoella use it in her everyday makeup, it looked neutral enough for any eye look but had enough colour to brighten up the face.

The shade really is so unique, I had been searching for a dupe ever since seeing Zoella use it, but had no success at all. It is a gorgeous peach shade which translates to almost a pale orange when applied straight to both lips, so I personally prefer to apply it only to one lip, put my lips together so they both get some colour and pat it down, so it's not too orange on my lips. Due to my pale skin I don't suit orange lipsticks or lipsticks with a strong warm undertone, so will never be able to apply this like a proper lipstick, but if anything that means I'll use less of it!

The wear time is a couple of hours, so just because it's got a high price don't be expecting to not need to top up. It has a creamy and hydrating formula which has the feeling of it sliding around the lips, but it glides on to the lips effortlessly. However if you have really dry lips, these are ones to steer clear of because they have a tendency to fall in to the creases of the lips, but this is only if you have really dry lips!

I absolutely love this lipstick and it really does suit any look, whether I'm doing a heavy eye look or something really simple I know this will work with it. I think every girl should own at least one luxurious lipstick, whether to them luxury means MAC, YSL, Chanel or Tom Ford, it is something special I think every girl should have. However, at £25.00 each I still don't know if I will ever justify buying one myself, but further shades are defiantly something to add to my future birthday and Christmas lists!

What's your favourite luxurious lipstick?

University Freshers Tips

With a lot of people getting their results recently and heading off to university in September, I thought I'd do something a bit different to beauty. I'm going in to my second year, so I feel I have somewhat of enough experience to offer some tips I feel could be useful to some people starting their first year of university.

1. Talk to everyone. If you're in a flat and someone new walks in say hi. You're not going to get on with everyone, but unless you speak to everyone how do you know who you do want to be friends with? If they don't like you, it's not harmed you by at least being the one to make an effort and introduce yourself, there's thousands of other students who are willing to be your friend.

2. Don't feel your flatmates have to be your best friends. I was lucky that I lived with three friends from sixth form in my first year of university, but 99% of people won't be that lucky and will be put with complete strangers. I lived with 2 strangers and felt I got on with them well, but if you don't, so what? You've only got to live with them for one year of your entire life, you can make your own friends and so can they. As long as you can be civil that's all that matters.

3. Go to your freshers fairs. Most of the stuff you get given is absolute rubbish but there are some reasons to go. It gives you the chance to sign up to any societies or clubs you want to join and meet members early. There's voucher booklets available, which actually have some pretty good vouchers in, mine last year had vouchers for half price Barburrito's and chinese buffets, free shots and free entry to places. There was also free Dominos, which you could keep going back for, I think that alone is a good enough reason to go.

4. Actually try your hardest. It's true, you do only need 40% to get in to the second year, but is that really the grade you want to tell your family? You've worked hard to get to university, so why stop now? I was on a course I hated for my first year and so for the first semester I didn't show much interest, however for the second semester I feel I put a lot more effort in and came out with a 2:1, so it does pay off. It also benefits your future years of education, if your course does allow you to do a placement year most of them require you to be on target for at least a 2:1, so you don't really want to miss out on a years paid work experience at the cost of a silly first year. Even if work experience isn't part of your course, do you really think your lecturers will recommend you for any work experience that does pop up if you only got a pass? It's unlikely!

5. Don't worry if it isn't what you expected. Like I said, I hated my course and decided that within 3 weeks of being there but didn't speak to anyone until it was too late. It was eventually sorted and I had to stay for a full year on a course I didn't like before I could move on to the second year of a course that I will hopefully love. But if you feel like it's not for you, speak to someone straight away, you don't want to be stuck on a course you don't like for a year like me, nor do you want thousands of pounds worth of debt from a course you quit after the first year. There are people that are more than happy to help you!

6. Don't restrict yourself too much. By this I don't mean going out and buying a new laptop and PS4 as soon as you get your loan in, but spending an extra fiver on the takeaway you really want isn't going to harm anybody. You're going to come out of university with about £40,000 worth of debt, what's an extra Domino's on top of that? Most people are going to need some form of a budget, but if you do go over it it's not the end of the world, you won't notice in ten years time!

7. Pick the best student account for you. There's loads of different accounts for students that it's easy to pick the first one, but look at the different overdrafts and perks each one has. I knew I wouldn't really need one for the overdraft, so I went with Santander to get a free railcard, which over the year has probably saved me close to £100! But if you know you're careless with your money look at banks which offer a big overdraft, only if you know you can afford to pay it back!

Finally, just have fun! This is the last time you're going to be a carefree student who doesn't need to worry about rent, tax and getting a job, so enjoy it whilst you can! It's a time you'll never get back and you don't want your last 3 years of freedom from the real world to be a living hell! Good luck to anyone starting university, I'm sure you'll love it and I hope my tips were of some use to you!

Review | Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar and Apocaliptic

I think it's fair to say I'm late on the bandwagon with this one. The Rimmel Apocalips were released around 18 months ago and although I've been interested to try them, I've just always passed. I've never been a big fan of glossy lips and I'd read reviews that said they can smudge easily which always put me off. Although Rimmel are pretty much my go-to for drugstore lips so I don't really know why I didn't just trust them to create something amazing. However on a recent trip to Poundland I noticed they were selling three different shades and at £1 each I couldn't resist finally trying them and picked up these two shades.

The first shade I decided upon was Apocaliptic, which is a deep berry pink colour, so one perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. A typical 'me' shade, and one I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of in the next few months.

The second shade was Stellar, which is more of a coral toned pink, so defiantly more of a Summer shade. Coral toned colours aren't something which I tend to gravitate towards because I find they make my pale complexion even more washed out and have a tendency to make my teeth look slightly yellow, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

The consistency is slightly thick but really creamy and becomes opaque from one layer of product. They first go on glossy but after a few hours eventually dry matte, however it's what I find to be a comfortable matte texture, it doesn't feel too drying and instead feels like there's nothing even on the lips - I was constantly checking it was still there because it felt like it had all gone. The wear time of them is amazing, even through eating a stain is still left on the lips and they don't even budge from drinking. For day to day wear my personal favourite way to wear them is to apply a small amount in the middle of both lips and blend it out with my finger, this method means they dry matte instantly and aren't too dramatic for the day.

The applicator is also a great selling point, it is a doe foot applicator with a slight well in it that holds the perfect amount of product. The shape of it is slightly pointed meaning it fits perfectly to the shape of the lips and helps to get a precise and neat application. It is basically the perfect applicator for cream lip products!

I'm almost regretting not picking these up earlier, because they're some of the best lips products I've tried in a long time! I'm now keen to compare these against Revlon's new gloss stain and see how the two compare.

I'll be defiantly be looking to try more shades of the Apocalips in the future and seriously recommend everyone trying them. Of the two my favourite has to be Apocaliptic, I find it just suits me more and is one I feel I can get use out of all year round, however I do still love Stellar and found it to suit me a lot more than I thought it would. I'd also recommend checking out your nearest Poundland, I always see Revlon and Rimmel nail polishes and Rimmel eyeshadows in mine, so they're worth popping in to!

Luxury Beauty Wishlist

Being someone who regularly reads beauty blogs and watches beauty YouTubers it's easy to amass a huge wishlist of beauty products that I want and unfortunately for me, most of them are highend, so I've compiled some of my favourites in to this post.

The Too Faced Natural Eyes palette seems to be popping up everywhere, except my local Boots. I've had enough points to buy this for a while now but my local Too Faced counter is pretty rubbish and doesn't stock a lot of the palettes in the new packaging and with me just having purchased the Naked 2 I feel this is going to stay a wish for a while. Another product I've thought about spending my Boots points on is the Estee Lauder ANR, it's been around for decades and is a cult classic! I don't know if I can ever bring myself to spend that much on a serum - although a lot of people do say to invest in the serum rather than a moisturiser.

Another cult classic is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, this is meant to be able to solve any dry skin problems and has a multitude of uses. It's usually £26 but I've found this set on Lookfantastic for just under £15, so I might finally buy it this payday. I don't think there's any foundation raved about quite as much as NARS Sheer Glow, everyone loves it, but I'm still yet to try it. I've always just gone for drugstore foundations, but have been wanting to try this for so long!

I don't really need any brushes, but the Zoeva Rose Gold Set is so pretty I might just make an exception. The brushes look so soft and look like they'd make my makeup look so flawless.

Then for two lip products, I swatched MAC's Angel alongside Creme Cup in store but didn't buy either, then found Creme Cup half price in a blog sale so just bought that. But I still think I prefer how Angel looked, it was slightly pinkier and less nude, which I loved! Finally, there's Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk, Amelia Liana has spoken about this so much, and Charlotte Tilbury's work is just gorgeous. I'm not sure yet however if I can justify £16 for a lip liner.

What products are you lusting after at the moment, and which of these do you think I should finally take the plunge on?

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!

I've seen the Liebster Award popping up on my feed a lot more than usual recently, and I'll be honest, I was pretty jealous of the girls doing it. It seems a great way to find new blogs and for other bloggers to interact more. So when I came online today and saw two people had nominated me, I was so excited that I'm doing it right away!

The two girls to nominate me were Emma from and Dawn from, so be sure to check both of their blogs out! They both did the award slightly different so I'm going to mix the two ways together.

If you're unsure as to what this is, the Liebster Award is something you give to bloggers with less than 200 followers. Then once they've been nominated they give 11 facts about themselves, answer the questions they've been given, pick 11 other questions and nominate 11 other people. You need to ensure you link back to the person who nominated you, and answer all of the questions given. 

The 11 random facts about me
I first started reading blogs when I was in year 11 at high school, about 3 years and a bit years ago.
The first blogger I ever followed was I loved her charity shop buying and vintage style
I've never been outside of the UK
I have four brothers and two sisters
As a teenager I was a massive fan of JLS, and even went to see them three times, including their last tour. Think how some girls are obsessed with One Direction now, that was me!
I've worked at McDonald's for three years, despite thinking I'd have a new job within 3 months of starting.
I'm going in to my second year of university at The University of Salford and I can't wait to live in a proper house with 5 of the best people I know
I'm from a town just outside of Blackpool called Lytham St.Annes, which is pretty much known for it's golf course and nothing else.
I only really started wearing makeup two years ago when I was 17 after discovering Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr on YouTube
I love baking, and during my first year at university I would just bake out of pure boredom when I was left alone for the night.
I'm 5ft 4 and dress size 6

Emma's questions
What is your all time Holy Grail beauty product and why?
I'm not going to pick makeup, and instead pick La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Whenever my skin is breaking out I put this all over and within a few days it's sorted!
Favourite Nail Polish?
I don't wear nail polish
Why did you start blogging?
I'd been reading blogs for years and wanted to be part of it, and my boyfriend kept telling me to do it and he finally convinced me!
Favourite Clothing Shop?
Primark and TopShop
Heels or Flats?
Flats, I'm too clumsy to wear heels day to day
Beauty product most disappointed with?
Glamglow Youthmud mask, for £39.99 I was expecting miracles, but it really just works like any other face mask
Who is your Style Icon?
I don't really have one, I just wear what I like
Summer Style or Winter Style?
Winter 100%, I like wear jumpers and tights and coats. I'm just no good at summer fashion
False Eyelashes Yes or No?
Yes, if I can get them right! They look amazing on some people, and when do right pretty much always make a look better
Favourite Film?
Titanic or Nowhere Boy
Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lipstick! I'm trying to get in to lipgloss but it just doesn't stay on the lips long enough

Dawn's questions
What keeps you blogging?
I've only been doing it for two weeks, but I love the comments, it's cool to know people are reading what I'm writing
Who is your inspiration in life?
I don't have one of these either, should I?
If you were an ice cream flavour, what would you be?
Strawberry, I went through a phase as a kid where it was my favourite thing to eat
4. What would be your favourite colour?
Pink, I'm a typical girl
5. Which do you prefer, sing or dance?
Dance, I like to think I can do both, but in reality can't do either
6. What type of sport are you into?
None, I'm the most unathletic person ever
7. Cupcakes or cookies?
8. What's your favourite comedy movie?
I'm not really sure, I don't tend to pick comedies to watch
9. Summer or Winter? Why?
Winter, I prefer the clothes and the makeup, and I'd rather be cold than hot
10. How would your friends describe you? (Tact, friendly, etc.) 
I don't know, I think I'm pretty funny and I think I'm good with new people and starting a conversation. They'd probably just say I'm a bit of a mong though
11. What would be that thing that you can't live without?
Probably my MacBook, it cost too much money to loose. Or does this mean anything including people, and I have to get really cheesy

Who I nominate
Karin from
Philippa from
Marija from
Suzy from
Laura from

My Questions
Either way you have the same budget, would you rather only wear high end or only wear drugstore makeup?
What is your beauty guilty pleasure?
Lipliner, yes or no?
When did you start your blog?
What's the reason behind your blogs name?
Which one luxury product do you wish you had in your collection?
Do you think you could ever make the move to YouTube?
Favourite TV programme?
Who was the first blogger you followed?
Who was the last blogger you followed?
What was the first makeup item you ever bought?

What I've Bought #1

You might be thinking, "who needs five new lip products in the space of two weeks", well that person is me. But in my defence, one is a new release, one was for my birthday and the others were from Poundland! 

To start, I've wanted the YSL Rogue Volupte in #13 Peach Passion ever since I saw Zoella use it in her everyday makeup video, but £24.50 on a lipstick isn't exactly student friendly. I also wasn't sure if I would suit a peachy shade because I'm quite pale, and previous attempts at orange lips haven't worked out. But after countless times of swatching it, I gave in when I was able to order some stuff for my birthday, and I love it! Along with that I also ordered the Urban Decay Naked 2, I never thought I'd buy this because I've always preferred warmer toned eyeshadows, but I've been using MUA's version a bit more recently, so just thought I might as well have the real thing. Now I just need the Naked Basics to complete the family!

Then today I popped in to Boots and picked up a few things. Firstly I picked up the Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes, and I know facial wipes are quite a taboo in the beauty world, but sometimes you just want to remove your makeup and cleanse quickly, so after about two years of avoiding wipes, I picked some up for those lazy times. I also picked up the Haute Couture Individual Lashes, because I have quite straight lashes so I'm hoping they'll help make a difference. I was after a new powder too, so I chose the Rimmel Stay Matte which I've not used in a while just to test it again. Finally from Boots, I picked up two of the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain's, after seeing Fleur De Force rave about these I was keen to try them out. It took a lot of time to decide on the colours because a lot of them didn't look like they'd suit me that much, but I decided on India Intrigue and Barcelona Nights, they were 2 for £10 and I also had a £3 off, so I got them both for £7, which is an absolute steal!

I finally went to Poundland, where I saw they were selling the Rimmel Apocalips, which I've wanted to try to ages but have just been put off because of how glossy they seemed, and I always got the impression they might bleed a bit too much. But for £1, it seemed too much of a bargain to leave behind, so I picked up two of the three shades which are Apocaliptic and Stellar, so I'm excited to finally try them. Then finally, a rose bath bomb because I love Lush but £3 a bath can get expensive, so I thought I'd see what the Poundland ones are like. 

I'm looking forward to trying all of this stuff out, and I'll try and get reviews up of everything soon. I'd love to know if you've picked anything up recently, although I shouldn't go near a Boots anytime soon, I can always make note of what to buy for the future!

Review | REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water

Cleansing waters seem to be the latest 'it' product, you can't really walk through Boots without a new one having been released, I even saw today that Soap and Glory have decided to have a try at one. Bioderma started it off years back, but with it not being readily available over here and only really being a product people could get from a trip to France or an expensive eBay order, British brands started to see the gap in the market. I've tried a handful in the past year and I wasn't convinced by them, even though I was cleansing after I still hated the feeling they left on my skin for that minute between cleansing, and just felt they were doing my skin more bad than they were good. I was recently given the REN one by my sister, I love what I've tried from REN so I had high hopes for it, especially considering how expensive this is compared to the drugstore options.

Ren describe the product as "A gentle 3-in-1 cleanser, make-up remover and toner that is suitable for the delicate eye area and even the most sensitive skin", but I can't help but disagree. I never agree to any cleansing water labelling themselves as a cleanser, because just like makeup wipes they can't really get deep in to the pores like a cleanser and hot cloth can, but the least I expect from a cleansing water is for it to remove my makeup. This product couldn't even do that, not only did it leave a tacky and itchy feeling residue on my face it wasn't able to remove most of my eye makeup. I used a cotton pad per eye which was left on for around 30 seconds then swiped, and probably about 70% of my eye makeup was still there. I persisted and tried to remove as much as I could and was eventually able to get my eyeliner off but there was still mascara on my lashes and below my eyes there was a dark smudge of eyeliner and mascara that wasn't budging. I might as well have used standard hot water on my eyes because it probably would have done the same job. To make matters worse it actually stung my eyes, I'm guessing it was due to the rose oil extracts, but it didn't really help in trying to win me over.

I've read reviews and they seem to be half an half, some people having the same problems as me and some people loving the product and saying it refreshes their skin. I've tried a sample of the hot cloth cleanser that is in the same line as this and whilst I liked it, I wasn't wowed by it, so maybe I just don't mix well with rose. Either way for £13.00 and only 200ml of product I don't feel it's worth it, if I was going to splash out on a micellar water I'd just go for Bioderma, thanks to Escentual now stocking it it's easy to buy, you get more product for your money and it's got makeup artists all over the world singing it's praises!

In short, this didn't convince me on the micellar water front, I'd much rather just spend a couple extra minutes and do a full double cleanse, I feel a lot cleaner and my skin in the long run looks a lot fresher and clearer.

What are your opinions on cleansing waters, love them or hate them?

Top 5 Makeup Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes I'm still to branch out of the lower end of the spectrum. For a long time I have lusted after a MAC 217 and would love to be able to go out and spend £20 on one brush, but as a student it's just not likely. There are so many great and cheap offerings that right now I don't really feel an expensive brush collection is necessary. I have around 30 brushes in my collection which I've bought over the past 18 months, so I've compiled down which of them are my 5 essential and favourite brushes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - This brush is probably a brush you'll find on most people's list of their top brushes, and for good reason. Whilst it's annoying that it can't be bought alone, the core collection is an amazing kit to have, I've found a use for each brush and even if you only use one other brush from the set that's still only £10 each. This brush helps to seamlessly blend your foundation in to the skin in seconds giving it a natural and flawless look. It works amazing at blending out concealer and evening out cream blush in to the skin. My only problem is how hard it can be to wash and how long it takes to dry, but it's still probably the number one brush for anyone new to makeup! 

ELF Complexion Brush - When I first bought this brush I didn't think much of it, and for a while it just sat in my pot of brushes unused. But in recent months I've been using it more and and more and it has become one of my daily essentials. It is able to do pretty much the whole face, apply powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter, and is my favourite brush for all of them things. It picks up a light amount of product meaning the face never looks cakey and the cheeks are never too bronzed. For £3.95 it's super soft, washes amazingly and is a great one to have. 

eBay 222 Eyeshadow Brush - Like I said, I'd love to own some MAC brushes, especially their eyeshadow ones, so when I came across these dupes on eBay I knew I had to try them. I have 4 brushes from this seller, all different numbers and this is by far my favourite. It picks up enough product to cover the eyelid but is small enough to fit in the crease and blend the shadow out. It is slightly scratchy but for 99p you can't really expect the best quality and it does seem to get softer with every wash. If you're after brushes but don't want to spend a small fortune eBay is the best place to look.

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush - Another Real Techniques brush which can only be bought in a set, they really should offer some way of selling all their brushes individually. Similar to the complexion brush it does pretty much everything, but this brush is perfect for contouring. Although the brush is slightly larger than most peoples ideal contour brush I love it, I'm able to get a precise contour which is blended perfectly and doesn't leave any lines. I do prefer my ELF brush for bronzing and blush, but for on the go this is pretty much the only brush you would need.

SEVENTEEN Brow Brush - If I pair this brush with my eBay 222 I can do pretty much any look. This is great for doing your brows, gel liner and smudging out eyeshadow and eyeliner, (can you see a theme? I like brushes that can do more than one job). It's small and thin which means you can get a precise application for what ever the use, something that can't be done with the Real Techniques Brow Brush. The one bad thing is the brush can't actually be bought anymore, I got this in a brush set that was exclusive to Boots at Christmas, but is a set I'll be looking out for again this Christmas. 

There are my 5 top brushes and probably all I would need for a full face of makeup, that doesn't however mean I won't need anymore in my collection! What are your favourites, I'm always on the look out for some more to add?

Review | Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life

Review of Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life

When it comes to treating my body I'm probably the worst person for it, I have an abundance of body butters and moisturisers but can't actually remember when I last used one. I am however quite good at exfoliating, I might not do it enough to my face but I try to exfoliate my body at least twice a week, and always turn to Soap and Glory for the exfoliator.

Review of Soap and Glory: The Scrub Of Your Life

Over the past year I've tried around five different exfoliators from Soap and Glory, and this is defiantly my favourite from the bunch, making it the only one I've actually repurchased. It has the typical Soap and Glory scent, similar to The Righteous Butter and Clean On Me, so very girly and my favourite scent offered by Soap and Glory. The scrub itself is a clear gel with pink micro beads and small grains that help to gently exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells. In the past I've found some Soap and Glory exfoliators to be a bit too abrasive, such as the Sugar Crush Body Scrub, which left my skin red and stinging after using it, but with this one the gel starts to lather up when water is added, making the exfoliator a lot more gentle, so it's perfect for even dry skin. Thanks to it lathering up it also becomes slightly creamy and has slight moisturising properties to it, making it ideal for lazy people like me! 

Probably one of my favourite things overall has to be the fact it is in a tube as opposed to a jar, it's a lot easier to get the product out, making it a lot more encouraging to use. I can't be the only one who is less likely to use something that comes in a jar, especially when taking a shower? 

I can't recommend this exfoliator enough, it's gentle to the skin but is still abrasive enough to lightly buff away any dead skin leaving my body feeling super soft and smooth. It retails at £7.00 for 200ml and lasts around 3 months of using it twice a week. Next time you're in Boots in need of new body care make sure this is near the top your list!