What I've Bought #1

You might be thinking, "who needs five new lip products in the space of two weeks", well that person is me. But in my defence, one is a new release, one was for my birthday and the others were from Poundland! 

To start, I've wanted the YSL Rogue Volupte in #13 Peach Passion ever since I saw Zoella use it in her everyday makeup video, but £24.50 on a lipstick isn't exactly student friendly. I also wasn't sure if I would suit a peachy shade because I'm quite pale, and previous attempts at orange lips haven't worked out. But after countless times of swatching it, I gave in when I was able to order some stuff for my birthday, and I love it! Along with that I also ordered the Urban Decay Naked 2, I never thought I'd buy this because I've always preferred warmer toned eyeshadows, but I've been using MUA's version a bit more recently, so just thought I might as well have the real thing. Now I just need the Naked Basics to complete the family!

Then today I popped in to Boots and picked up a few things. Firstly I picked up the Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes, and I know facial wipes are quite a taboo in the beauty world, but sometimes you just want to remove your makeup and cleanse quickly, so after about two years of avoiding wipes, I picked some up for those lazy times. I also picked up the Haute Couture Individual Lashes, because I have quite straight lashes so I'm hoping they'll help make a difference. I was after a new powder too, so I chose the Rimmel Stay Matte which I've not used in a while just to test it again. Finally from Boots, I picked up two of the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain's, after seeing Fleur De Force rave about these I was keen to try them out. It took a lot of time to decide on the colours because a lot of them didn't look like they'd suit me that much, but I decided on India Intrigue and Barcelona Nights, they were 2 for £10 and I also had a £3 off, so I got them both for £7, which is an absolute steal!

I finally went to Poundland, where I saw they were selling the Rimmel Apocalips, which I've wanted to try to ages but have just been put off because of how glossy they seemed, and I always got the impression they might bleed a bit too much. But for £1, it seemed too much of a bargain to leave behind, so I picked up two of the three shades which are Apocaliptic and Stellar, so I'm excited to finally try them. Then finally, a rose bath bomb because I love Lush but £3 a bath can get expensive, so I thought I'd see what the Poundland ones are like. 

I'm looking forward to trying all of this stuff out, and I'll try and get reviews up of everything soon. I'd love to know if you've picked anything up recently, although I shouldn't go near a Boots anytime soon, I can always make note of what to buy for the future!


  1. All those products look amzing! I wish we were able to get some of those in Australia! Love your blog by the way! Gina xx www.shineabrightlight.blogspot.com

    1. thank you! aw Australians have easy access to NYX though don't you? So you've got the upper hand there! x

  2. Hello :) I have tagged you in the Liebster Award for New Bloggers over on my blog, please check it out and tag me in your post http://nailsmakeupbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/liebster-award-nomination.html