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First things first, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long, honestly I just had no motivation to blog and couldn't force myself in to doing so. I also had an assignment that took a week - so I have a partial excuse. However, I have a review of the W7 Sculpturing Face Brush*, a brush that I've had for a few months now so I've managed to try give it a full trial and been able to wash it several times.

W7 are a brand that have always caught my eye, even before I became majorly in to beauty I would always notice them on the Amazon website and noticed the amount of amazing dupes that they had to offer. They have blushes so similar to Benefit, primers just like Smashbox and eyeshadow palettes identical to Urban Decay, if you're wanting to try something high end I imagine W7 will have a dupe for you. That being said, I had never tried any of their stuff up until recently, but from what I have tried, it's so far so good.

The brush is marketed as a sculpting contour brush, designed to fit perfectly in to the hollows of the cheeks but honestly, this is way too big for that, the circumference is bigger than a Real Techniques Buffing Brush and is far too dense to blend a contour seamlessly. Based on the shape of the brush I tried it with foundation, but again not so much look, the bristles soak up product too easily which caused streaks to be left and hairs to fall out and be left on the face. I finally tried it with powder and this was defiantly a 'saving the best till last situation', the flat dense shape of the brush means it applies the powder to the face without disturbing the rest of the makeup. A lot of powder brushes have a tendency to swipe foundation around but because this is so flat it simply presses the powder in, removes any shine and leaves the rest of the makeup in perfect condition. This picks up the perfect amount of product, washes wonderfully - no hairs have fallen out when washing, just when applying foundation - and is an all round great brush for applying powder.

I've extremely keen to try some of their other products now, I love their eyeshadow sticks and primer, and have my eye on a few more brushes on Fragrance Direct.

Have you tried W7 and what are your favourites?

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