November Favourites

Okay, I'm going to be a cliche blogger and say I have no idea where this month has gone! October didn't really go that fast, it was just a normal month, but this month seems to have just flown by. I've been caught up in work for university these past couple of weeks so maybe with that preoccupying me I've just not noticed the days passing me by. But, on to the favourites of November.

My first favourite of the month is Embroylisse Lait-Creme Concentre, which I have seen makeup artists on YouTube use for years so I've always interested in trying it. I'll have a review of this coming soon, but I've been loving this as a morning moisturiser and find it's a great base for my makeup. It takes a little bit of time to soak in to the skin, but I feel it's actually made my skin softer and a lot more moisturised in the few weeks I've been using it. I can see why this has always been a favourite for makeup artists.

Another favourite is the Naked Basics 2, which is the newest release from Urban Decay in the Naked range. I've done a review of this, here, and just like I said there the eyeshadows in this palette are really creamy and really blendable which is exactly what I would expect from Urban Decay eyeshadows. My favourite shade is Frisk which is the perfect crease colour, but I've also been loving Undone which is a great shade to layer over brown eyeliner. It makes the eyes pop a little bit more than they do with just brown eyeliner but isn't as intense as black, so it's a great middle ground.

Another product I've done a review on, here, is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I love pretty much everything that Real Techniques make and this has become no exception. Real Techniques just have it completely sorted when it comes to face tools, I've loved their buffing brush, their expert face brush and this is now my latest love. It has made foundation become so quick and easy in the mornings, it's on within seconds.

Next is a bit of an 'oldie but goldie' kind of product. It's the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink, if you were a big YouTube fan around 18 months ago you'll have heard of this one! This used to be such a staple for me, there wasn't really a day where I didn't use it whether it was worn on it's own or as a bit of a primer for other blushers. I haven't used it for such a long time but have loved it again this month, it's such a pretty pink on it's own with such a glow to it, but acts as a great layering product for other blushers. Although I don't know if it's just me but I feel this has increased in price, when I bought it I'm sure it was about £4.50 and now it's £6.99, it's still worth it but that price increase is crazy if I'm correct.

Finally I've just been loving Lush products in general. I've loved Lush for about 3 years now but stopped using them last year when I first moved to uni because I didn't have a bath tub. However, for uni I've moved in to a house this year with a bath tub and Lush have just brought out all of their Xmas stock, so I've been loving it so much right now! My favourites at the moment are Cinders - which is my favourite EVER Lush product - and Candy Mountain, but I used The Melting Snowman yesterday and I can that becoming a big favourite in the next month, it was an amazing bath melt.

That's everything I've been loving this month, I imagine before I know it I'll be writing my December and 2014 favourites, which is a scary thought. What have been your favourites this month?


  1. Great choices! Iv been loving lush products at the moment. Iv just done my Nov Favourites over on my blog x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. I think it's all of the Xmas stuff that is making me love it even more :) x

  2. Love your November favourites, they're all great! I'll have to check out that blusher, it sounds fab :) x

    The Belle Narrative