Review | Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush Set

With the release of the new Bold Metals collection it's easy for a lot of the Real Techniques brushes to fall of the radar and be forgotten about, so after finding these pictures on my laptop I thought I'd give them some of the recognition they deserve.

I picked these up originally from Cohorted for around £15 including delivery, if you've never heard of Cohorted they have four different beauty products a week selling at massive discounts. They regularly feature Real Techniques on their website, but if you're after any Real Techniques brushes at a bargain I recommend iHerb. They sell them at American prices with super cheap shipping, and as long as you don't spend more than £15 you won't be hit with any custom fees. Plus if you're after an even bigger discount I have a code WLF749 which will get you $5 off the first order, it's a code attached to my account so if you use it I might earn from it, I'm not sure, I just wanted to share it to help anyone get money off.

One of the first differences between these and the Real Techniques sets previous is that there's no brush stand. Personally I like this, it saves on packaging and honestly I never use them. I'd much prefer Real Techniques to get rid of the brush stands from other sets and just lower the price of their brushes and I'm sure I won't be alone in thinking this. The other main difference is the colour of the brushes, rather than being coloured to suit each of the different stages of makeup they're a sleek white metal with matte black tips, which just the hint of colour for their logo. Again I prefer this to their normal range, I think it looks more professional and just nicer on my desk rather than having an array of different colours, shapes and sizes like you get with other brushes.

The set comes with a face powder brush, a contour brush and a blending brush. The contour brush I could do without, I love small brushes for blush but this is a bit too flat and just doesn't move as much as I'd want it to, meaning it can leave streaks on the cheeks - especially with contour products. The eye blending brush I love, a lot of the eye brushes from Real Techniques are really average. They don't really blend eyeshadow that well and the base shadow brush is the only one I use for eyes, and even then it's just for packing on cream shadow. The brush in this set is an exception though, I find it works really well to blend eyeshadow in to the crease and to blend out any eyeshadow where too much has been applied. The powder brush is also a complete winner! Because it's duo fibre it picks up a light amount of product so is the perfect brush for touch ups throughout the day, only a small amount of powder is applied meaning you don't get to midday and look like you're caked in powder, but it applies enough that you don't look like you've just been for a run, it enables the powder to leave an airbrush finish to the skin. If you've ever found powder brushes to be a bit too big, or apply a bit too much powder in the past, this is the one for you!

The set is supposed to be limited edition, but it's been out now for well over a year and they've recently changed the colour to black handles instead of white. If you're after some new brushes, or just a complete brush junkie like myself I really recommend picking this set up. The contour set might be a dud, but if you can get the set cheaper like I did it's well worth it.

What's your favourite Real Techniques brush?



  1. I have their eye brushes and they're amazing!


    1. Glad you enjoy them, I only really like a couple of the eye brushes:( x

  2. I've recently purchased some of their brushes and I love them! Thir quality is outstanding. My favorite right now is the powder brush, is really soft and fluffy! xx

    1. Oooh I love the powder brush for when I want a really matte finish! x