Review | Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil

If you saw my last post you'll know that I was challenged by House of Fraser to create the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide, there were some great picks in there for every budget and for different mums, depending on whether she's a beauty lover or more of a candle fiend. One of the products was the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil*, a product and brand name which just instantly makes you think luxury and maybe a little expensive.

I'm a complete bath lover, whether it's bath bombs, bubble baths or bath oils, I'm all over it! Give me some YouTube videos, a few snacks and a decent bath product, and I can spend well over an hour in the bath. I'm not too apprehensive about spending a bit of money on bath products, I don't mind buying Soap and Glory bubble bath instead of Radox, and I'll quite happily have Lush baths a few times a week throwing a £3 bath bomb in to each one, but £40 for a bath oil does seem like a crazy price to theoretically pour down the drain, however if the product is good then the price should be worth it.

The smell of the bath oil is incredible, there's no doubt that it's one of the best smelling bath products I've ever tried. It smells fruity, musky and sexy, it's a real grown up scent that I can imagine everyone will love, the smell just makes you feel as though you're soaking in a pool of pure luxury. I add around 4 capfuls of the oil under the hot running water which turns the bath a cloudy white colour, and leaves the water feeling soft on the skin. The smell immediately fills not only the bathroom but the whole of the upstairs landing and lingers until the next morning, it's pretty incredible that when I'm walking down the stairs the next morning I can still smell hints of pomegranate in the air. If I was after a really moisturising bath I'd use a few more capfuls of the oil to give it that added extra kick. The one and only problem I've found is that I can't wash my hair in the bath when I use this, I find the oil sticks to the hair and makes it quite greasy, so if you like to do your whole body in the bath this is something to bear in mind.

Overall I really love this product, it would make the most perfect and indulgent gift for any mum this Mother's Day. The packaging is simply gorgeous, the tissue paper, box and bow mean it doesn't require any gift wrapping and despite the product having what looks like a high price tag you will get at least 15 baths from a 250ml bottle. That works out at just under £2.70 a bath, which is actually cheaper than most Lush bath bombs and the scent of this product lingers on the skin a lot longer than Lush products, so it is a justifiable treat, beauty maths eh?

What are your favourite bath products?

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